Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Den - Memories (81)

Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Den - Memories (81)

hello this is Tuffy and welcome to a minecraft let's play video!

It is the final episode of ocean 10 so even though it is sad that the ocean dead series is going to be ending, the good news is we're gonna go and have a very special episode.  So let's go and have a tour around and try and see pretty much the entire world.  We had a lot of adventure days and there was a lot to see so let's be honest, we're probably going to miss something but we're gonna look back on all of the happy memories we've had over the last 80 or so episodes in ocean 10.

I think there's no place better to start then the windy dandelion, the place that has been our home pretty much since the very start of the the series so of course we have the captain's quarters down here which I was demanding for a very long time there's a few blocks from where squashy very recently broke a job decorating rated day sorry I must say for one of our series very organized chests throughout the entire of ocean then is there a good plus yeah but like there's these chests over here which is just like dumped chests and they're all like pretty much full okay yeah maybe if we'd always this say I look at this look at this look at this glad I felt bad at the beginning of this episode it's gonna keep me endlessly a debate anyway so yeah we got of course the the cookie I love talking down here you can actually let's

just for that my pocket let's there's not that that come winter to play on the front here we have the the garden and then over here we have the cabins and the first memory that I wanted to look back on is is us playing with the cannons do you remember that remember what we were saying yeah I remember so this is mid squashy playing and doing our dramatic film for freedom and happiness

no quick get down we're under fire and stuff like that and I'll be like I'll be rushing it I'll be like but I'll save you then I gonna like charge off the plank and on the back of the horse to freedom and happiness okay I will save you freedom freedom and happiness for freedom for happiness I did it oh sorry oh now I want the back of the horse you're free unhappy

and they all lived happily and freely ever after so epic that video I know yeah if you didn't remember if you didn't see that episode we did that throughout the entire episode that's all the episode was was Austria yeah coming down here we have the this is where we were preparing for you to battle the the wither more on that a a little bit later on and then we have all of our

nether portals I don't need to bother going into the never basically we didn't spend much time inside there but they tried to make a look like under the ocean here this is our animal party room where this non-stop partying basically it's the the beginning of ocean down and down here of course ah our bedrooms and basically the idea of of squishies bedroom was it's a bed in a barrel in a boat in a

boat singing while we built our beautiful bedrooms there the bow if your bow was a barrel with a bed yeah like a barrel so be a bed in a barrel in a boat in a boat I just thought that makes a good song in a barrel in a boat in about in about in about in a boat hey let's go and look outside of the the windy dad I'm just gonna have

a look at it from the outside because I'm pretty proud of this thing to be fair like this is that this isn't a bad looking boat is it very lovely I shouldn't say I shouldn't sound so surprised but uh I think it's quite happy so basically this is where we actually start at ocean dead so it was this island it didn't look like this but this was like the the first a

little patch of ground and then we covered the idea to do a bunch of little tiny islands as a little tiny island down here and all sorts of different ones around there but before these islands were Islands there was like a random like tower that we built up here and you remember us doing animal stunts we would like flicking up animals with fishing rods to Tribeca glad in the boat yeah and then I

was able to get I think it was a sheep to land in the boat and it it was once again are pretty amazing so here is the the clip of the the first successful animal stunt okay so this is the tricky okay right and I I was very proud of myself with that one oh I think that she was very up here as well and of course down there we have

love island and the reason we had that speakers behind this kind of Halloweeny island down here Kevin went on a date but it didn't didn't end in the best way yeah we thought they were suited for each other but sadly they were so this is kevin going on on a date with a snow golem hello stampede enjoying your date I'm afraid I haven't really been having a very good time stampy what why what must

be going on Kevin well you see it started absolutely amazing we were gazing into each other's eyes in silence for about ten minutes and I really felt a connection between me and heavy but then suddenly we started talking started sorry you had nothing did you find you nothing in common well no you see it first everything see great we were getting along we had the same interested everything but then heavy mentioned that yes

Kevin you can tell me what what you exactly what it was they know in front of heavy shall I say I'm free well yeah I think it's a bit about the dates God with the date still here anyway Kevin okay well this was heavy gonna go okay okay just surrounded by nice this water that bad of a day a heavy that bad of the days okay and then there the last of

the the clips that I want to to show you in the the area down here is these penguins which we had an amazing time basically basically making them do this making them talk and say and this still makes me laugh as well basically supposed to be like the the beat up and out this is us playing around with the penguin okay so the timing is a one-two quack a one-two quack a one-two

quack hello my name is penguin McGregor me face I heard that you are an amazing singer if you're seeking is half as good as my dancing we could really pair up penguin beat dance fantastic and then of course there's a few other little islands around here we'll get back to the other grass trace a little bit later on there's like a little theme park Island down here and then let me let me

craft a boat and then let's go for a sail to start looking at around some of these other things that we have around here but yeah there's the UM there's the big painting which we did relatively recently the the glass painting which I think holds up pretty nicely I would say so myself and then let's have a little bit of a jump in there the book and have a little bit of a

loop around here we can see our enormous statues and these were part of the the grass race basically there there were checkpoints on yet to build statues of squashy and me so that's crazy with a top hat and a pumpkin pie sword and rocket boots no pumpkin pie sword what was it it's a song with chicken nugget sighs I just a shoe for you is pumpkin pie and then there's very little fairy stampy

on a toadstool which actually looks like a toad and then next to us this thing is is pickles and do you remember what's inside of pickle there's been a long time ago like that game with the trapdoor yeah so there's a really rubbish game it was a rubbish game but this is the moment where I think I won well I won the little flapping trap dog I'm just a non-stop offensive at the moment

all okay you're flapping back you'll flap it back I'm gonna get and it just wandered off the the edge then right tracking you down again and then that leads us over to here and this is one of the most important areas that we had in all of ocean then and this is the the rocket ship shop cookie restaurant Astro glee oil rig and we decided to change it into a cookie space

rocket factory thing was that visit because of the the cookie of talking I can't I can't remember what the the reasons possibly so so far you go downstairs because the shops pretty much a pop from was breaking down the doors unchanged but there's a few different things that we did around inside of here so because we built the rocket ship on the top we needed to to give tests to each other to make

sure that we were both equipped so this was the the exam that I did for four squashy where she needed her to try and get through to the end and then in this door through here these are the the tests I had to solve and it basically one ended up with me making pumpkin pie didn't it for for the one that you did inside of here yeah pretty much yeah yeah it

was good fun making it and then on the next room though we have a cookie making place and restaurant on it that's the toilet there we go here is the the restaurant where we can make all of the different chocolaty of cookies sorry health and safety though that's not good is it you can't have the undead roam around in your kitchen it's just not the healthiest thing is it here's the restaurant and

if you remember we did it so like we were playing out serving each other but you just kept building like we were supposed to be so you just did it I need to finish it okay complete you just did stop building so this is this is just me laughing its squashy just trying to pretend like she's not building and certainly we're just non-stop building okay stop stop building stop building it's fine squashy I

can say you still building space you don't do the whole ceiling are you you're the customer Oh what do you okay I'm gonna be the customer I need to go for the customer intro alright this is the the toilet oh this looks like am a lovely restaurant I wonder what they saw there's no sign all right please take a seat just screaming at me from somewhere can I take your order where are

you I'm in the kitchen not building my you in the kitchen is another waitress or waiter to cover take my order yeah I do everything but why are you doing it for like it said why are you doing the ceiling tiles I'm not building like I'm like and see I can love Eli don't care about the customer I just came here for for some dinner I don't I don't mind in the

morning I'm just not glide up so I can't see you how can I help you I want to ask you what the specials are distracting sailing wasn't above me when I answer did okay you've got my full attention what do you want I can see your eyes you got a hat over your eyes okay calm down that's my beautiful blindfold well I don't I just stumbled in there I fancy some food what

what does great I mean mystery person at the restaurant what what what food do you have we have cookies and just just cookies really not different flavors just just one cooked cookie just one cookie well good I'm glad I'm the only customer here but have you already got one goki oh yeah very good there you got cookie Wow I see why you didn't bother coming out to take my order what wait there's like

a million crafting tables behind you why I like to do my work in front of the customer I feel like it's it's more real you know if you know that hungry and you need to work put these on the ceiling for me it'd be very useful Gabriel cookie well this is this is most unusual this is most unusual for a restaurant to be asked to do the roofing where you'll hate and

then if we go no the very top we have the the rocket ship at the top there we go we won't be coming back here it's okay we could break all the paper and then so yeah I think the rest of this floor is just left as it was how did you get up to the top you remember the outside and then yeah we go inside I can't remember what we built

in the rocky did we build everything in the rocket I think we've got like three floors of something there was like a little chill room yep in one area I mean that now yeah this is it i decorate the end another chill room and you know the children just in case like the first chill was not good enough this is another this is a melon oh yeah this is a bathroom this

sponges you have to have a wash in there and then yeah controlled boring one that I think you did that one okay of course of his boring off Alyssa let's see if we can find a way to rub the podzol ooh I forgot about this do you remember us just saying portal again and again and again so most of the building we did quite close to home or on be true Island we'll

be having a look over there a little bit later on but yeah we spent a lot of time exploring some of these places so we're gonna look all of them like some of them like these islands here you know we just kind of saw a little adventure map eep thingies but some of them we had some some really good memories err on the wall show there's a little submarine down there I think

there's like an underground laboratory that we did under the the ground there but straight ahead of us on that wall right there was a little tunnel tunnel which led to the the end portal and we did go through we were able to beat the the ender dragon and then we had a little party afterwards I think that is definitely worth her a clip room we're gonna get a music disc on we hopefully

I hope so yeah best music ever its chirp oh there's a party lights do it let's like the game even more okay and then moving in this direction we will keep a looping our away around the the outside here be like you're kind of good like okay and to your left you can see that this is where we went through the ante or I do see a submarine like UV actually you

actually be my tour guide right that's what honest that's what I'm doing slow down a bit they stopped something like I can't got all this information you know you're right you can see where we were attacked by zombies a whole load to our left we can see a big thing oh did we get to have my guardians in there or something almost I want you to go into the water I think yeah

you you will see beginning to load in like a jack you just see the whale there we go here's the the seek out of here so I thought this diamond that we didn't get from under his chin which is really annoying but yeah so we got I don't know there's ego and we were going to jump off and I remembered that I wanted us to pretend to have an argument and then like

for us to push each other off rather than just shelter yeah I think I'm talking about potatoes you just freaked out about potatoes and it be laughs though his squashy freaking out about potatoes all right let it go get my potatoes oh great she said I didn't think she'd be here huh hi squashy hello how's it going I'm just fishing oh I'm just off to get some potatoes if that's fine with you potatoes

that's absolutely ridiculous I've never been so insulted my whole life well you'll get a couple with a reason why you are bad memory stampede bad memories get out the boat just lead the conversation to it I cover but I just like said potatoes and you just freaked out stop it stop just be nice come on all right so I left it this is where there was the the Hansel and Gretel maze this

is like the first proper adventure day here is a beetroot island which is of course one of the other places that we kept coming back to throughout the entire series of course the first thing you can see whizzing around here is the whoa this is the beet root rollercoaster so it's like beet cause of like the beets and it's on route Squishy's they're demonstrating it and when we we built this I had a

bit of a disaster inside the mountain where I surprised by a creeper and it always made me laugh so here's that boat but you like your mountain was all filled in my mountains hollow and full of googlies like a horror trade go through this oh no and so of course I were here we had the enormous pit that was exploded by the the wither when I was heroically battling it one-handed and was able

to defeat it I might add and then there's the the giant bread and the plan was was that we're gonna build a giant loaf of bread and then we're gonna small the liver inside of it so I'm here to escape so I could beat it easily and then in about five seconds it's blue anyway and that didn't really work that was a lot of fun and I was able to hit defeat

as I said one-handed hand cam for proof that I was battling it one-handed okay this is good there we go okay I'm hitting him I'm hitting him I'm hit again oh I switch my sword okay okay okay I can do it like this and then move forward wow I'm so deep down a pit [Music] okay I can't use the sword use the sword little finger little finger little finger this is it this is

it look we're so close we're so close he's gonna drown he's gonna drown he's like in the water digging faux-tina oh this is gonna be a hard time to get him right in the water though don't go more in the water that's it Oh close close close another hit oh he's so weak he's so weak squishy over here fybel backing him again I hate what it was like one of his heads he fires

oh look at him go oh my god he's gonna blow if I can't pick it up I got too much rubbish from be true I picked up that over here we have our this was like Carl obstacle course and the idea of this was we were kind of training and testing to see who would be better at controlling the game one-handed in order to end up battling against the the river that

was just yeah but you didn't obstacles and challenges that we need to complete while only controlling the game one-handed and I was able to do it faster and so I was the one who paddled the winner we have a whole bunch of things that we we did some building for as well I always think was the elephant called elephant river is cooled it called elephant when we put inside down at a really

cute day but yeah we built the elephant so we built that one then I built this one in this Gracie build a little tiny one down here and then what was this thing was this like a wombat or something it was a koala this was meant to be a koala made out over a whole bunch of different flowers they're blowing bubbles yeah and blowing bubbles as well it doesn't look very much like a

koala I will be almost people said it did well I saw a lot of people sending messages and not many people of them were saying that it did actually look like the Koala I think they're the main things that we could up to hello the main things we're up to on be true Islands so let me know come around it and I'll go and place down am another machito let's go around this

going this way because there's a bunch of Google he's over that way and let's go this way I know you see there do you remember the shark wait wait I can't get in your boat shark where how do you I can't see your heads in the way oh it's huge it's more like an orca I know isn't it's got big teeth oh I went in its mouth in nyah something yeah so

basically what what we had to do for this shark is we were supposed to like punch zombies into it and we jumped up on the island and there was a bunch of zombie spawn is that we immediately destroyed them all and then read the sign and found out that we were supposed to push these in the mouth and basically made it impossible for ourselves so here's the clip of that hungry for his

favorite food zombies he hates creepers as they are too spicy and skeletons are not filling if you could knock a bunch of zombies after I think we did my gosh Oh 60 rotten flesh required is it from creative mode land what's the prison you know what we needed rotten flesh [Applause] - selfie selfie ok TB to me I'm sorry but you are right on the edge next to a shark's mouth you can't expect

me to not push you in exactly exactly you've why did you survive because I'm I'm strong stampy I'm I'm a strong fighter throw any more rotten flesh you have in the mouth ok let's let carry on going around this way cuz yeah that's the the the Hansel and Gretel island behind us we have seen everything else that around here and this island didn't really stand out for any of like the things that we

actually did on the island in terms of like the the challenges but this was the island where we discovered that using I was it I think was was it diamonds but you knows it was over I was aghast tears wasn't it we used to make ourselves cry do you remember that it was a nugget yeah yes this is you go where and cry with iron nuggets [Music] [Applause] [Music] side by side and cry that's the

way I like to spend my weekends let's go another cry out sigh let's go never cry in the swamp shall we yeah yeah and this won't be cry won't be cry right 3 2 1 commence crying [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] okay let's keep going around need the outside I think this island is one of the few islands that'll literally had nothing on it I think we just went onto it that's coming up though that's like the one we've

just like like Sandia and stuff I think there might have been like a really small challenge to like I think I like grow wheat or something and I think didn't do that one let's skip that one submarine as well it was alright risk it's kind of cool serious I mean they were like little challenges I think we just heated them all this is the thing with these challenges is like this isn't an

adventure map so anytime would be like you need to go and try and craft a difficult lever or find the key to open the door right now you break the door down because survive a world of no rules inside these are the the cake islands we did that on the same day as the submarine and here is the the UFO so do you remember what we needed to do space she it was

to do it cows and getting them in there right yes there's maybe like a slime launch and we had to try them and launched them up to this is the the first time we successful successfully were able to get a cow into the the UFO I'm gonna see if I can sell the boat into there I wonder if we can launch up in the boat yes try it we need we need

we need to launch the cow right I'm gonna find majid in can you hit the pressure plate okay okay Oh block Tina's blocked in and yep so that was there you that was pretty one of the best ones I think of the the actual missions it just looks so cooler as well and then yeah we're here looping around this is saying that I don't know how but this something that we didn't

see until relatively recently but the absolutely enormous squid which is still chunk by chunk gradually beginning to loading and what do you have to always to just get some chest front of it he had a baby don't you remember he was like stabbed in one of his tentacles to be honest the Splinter still there you can see it and we dig it all away or something but we were just like well no they

just took took the reward and wet and then here's the the giant teacup that was filled with lava and down here so Kevin oh no no no wait why did they go back with so slowly where did the birds come back I'm grabbing my vote I'll get him I'll get him I'll get him yeah so Kevin Kevin had just been on his his date and then we came here and I

was like oh look it's someone else to go in you I she just just watch the clip just watch the clip and you'll see this could be another date for Kevin no stuffy had read the side know it Khan know I just might be sued it anyway yeah so I didn't realize that this is meant to be Kevin someone else like Kevin and I had read this side yet yeah we go

around the the other side of that and then this island is a another one that we did quite recently and that was the the the sand castle off to remember that where we both had to do yeah maybe building competition and then everybody voted for their their favorite sign castle and I think did you who won that did who won did I win do you might you might have one but I don't know

let's let's have a clip of the of the the results of who won the the sand castle build off the results our aims Gracie there was a witch the last episode and have a good memory we'll remember that was episode we had a sandcastle competition and we said that whoever has the best sandcastle as decided by you the viewer rake will be in charge for the entire next episode rigged and by the

fact that squishy chef teah wreaked some idea who the winner was your channel so it's rigged there we go I know the odds has been revealed to us we don't actually see these clips only you are so the one true winner right stumpy after all the clips we just need to come back a girl Oh funny look at look out yeah we were back then look at my my Oh pictures of videos

it's like stampy cat with a male that tie-dye t-shirt of Bali why was I so this was the the one we had to go on a booty hunt basically there was a a giant pirate ship we had to look for treasure I think we didn't ever find it all but in the end like oh yeah there was like a bit inside where I think it was like yo just the redstone to

count the treasure we plane and we just stole all that treasure which is good because we use the the Gotha to make grass phrase trophy yeah we were able to get the the parents from the hobbits I think they all died I think one of them is sitting on the windy dandelion and I don't know where the other ones gone but I'm sure it's very happy wherever it is this is a

place that we visited pretty early there's the the enormous windmill there and then we had to like find blocks of wall or something yeah house abort mission that brings us all the way back over to the the grass race where if you'll be watching the series it was just in the last episode we of course had the the grand finale of the the grass race there as we have said hello - Kevin

yeah even we need to go and do a do cake roulette the last cake ruler of ocean then gonna win well shall we shall we shall we we we shall we keep just because there's a toilet I got my toilet up there you need to shower here let us keep pressing the button and we keep going until one of us gets a cake and then there the overall winner of cake roulette

do you agree well I like one at a time yeah we take time keep going until one of us gets taken oh boy she wears stumpy I'm coming I'm coming he's climbing up your hover pod hi keV eh it's a bit of that although happy sad day Kevin because it's gonna be the I'm trying to talk to Kevin crouched I put your head down put your head down there's a cave right down oh it's

glitchy let's go don't move don't move don't stay like that I don't I can speak to it ago it looks like your head is Kevin's little goatee beard so it's this the last ocean den today oh that's a shame but we have had an absolutely amazing time are we still gonna have a chance to play Kay grew it yeah we are is we can keep playing until one of us wins a

cake if that's okay well of course that's okay more cake the better when you're ready press my belly right then I'll you go first greater you go first right cook it right my go mutton mutton good feature again be true [Music] [Music] I win oh this is good because no because you want you on grass race and I wouldn't cake rule a can I have this scraps off the Floyd that are right there was

a pumpkin pie down there like seventeen beetroot spray shade my grass still hasn't reached will give it ten seconds we doesn't go we'll leave it ready okay nine eight seven six five four three two one yeah yeah right so stuffy yeah your big leaguer hopefully before we end the episode but yeah let's remember grass spray so I think my favorite moment from my grass mice my favorite moment for this year's grass race was

when the Enderman like hissed I was ridiculous the family stole one of these dirt anyway but it literally I think stole the grass like before yours was about to spread was absolutely crazy so here's a clip of the chaos inducing end when you drop a coin in and it like spirals around the outside that drops down the video he's dead like go away face it face it I'm gonna try killing them just

in case it drops Oh drop it place it in the place it was when you were doing it he was going after you it was fine now kid oh my god the grass-plot back Oh what did she kill it I know it was only last week in terms of us recording yet but let's go up to the top here and remember where we were for the the final of the the

grass dry so I had my little food stand down here squeeze yet her air conditioning thingy that we already any although then of course we have the I don't mention it but as you can all see there's the the grass race trophy that squashy my trophy thank you very much thank you so we're gonna end things with Gracie having won the grass race and then me winning a cake roulette so the plan

is for the moment we've dens as general ocean den is going to be the final in the trilogy of den so of course we started off with our sky den we then went underground to cave down and then of course this is ocean den and we're not planning to start another den immediately we do have a few ideas for future identity may do in the future but I think we're gonna leave a

bit of a break for for now just so we can kind of do some other things and then oh yeah if we fancy doing another den in the future then stay tuned we will yeah possibly been doing that but yeah I just want to kind of say that like Skyy den was the way me and squashy basically met each other like it was the the first series that we did together our

first time properly recording together and you know since then we've just been non-stop being doing these series so it is a bit of a sad time with the ending but you know I know this episode is called memories there have been so many amazing memories that you know not only have we had together but of course everyone watching this as well has been able to kind of join in and comment and watch and

kind of share all the memories from Kevin to dooby-doo and all of the many many different things bury the bear if you can remember all the way back to David everyone's favorite yes driving yes so there being so much fun to do and hopefully you over enjoyed watching them as well but sadly that was going to be the end for it here so I think we can go and get a boat

to sail off to leave Ocean Den anyway so you can you can say your your goodbyes as we make our way back up to the windy dandelion and to the the cannons I mean kind of like the first kind of thing that we did together it was how we met and you know I know a lot of you and you know me from like the dense series but it does mean a

lot to me and it's been like a really really big part of my life and I guess your life too yeah I just wanted to say thank you for accepting me and just being so nice and yeah hopefully there's gonna be more adventures to come okay then shall we go and sail off then to say goodbye to toshin then and head to to new places for new adventures together yep okay so final

time outside of the Kyoto who nearly crashed straight into there the grass raised right there we deter to try and find a way outside of some of the enormous moves on the The Outsider of ocean dead but for the final time we were to thank you all very much for watching and we will see you all later let's go to Crete [Music]

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRJuJyUUzDg

Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Den - Memories (81)hello this is Tuffy and welcome to a minecraft let's play video!It is the final episode of ocean 10 so even though it is sad that the ocean dead series is going to be ending, the good news is we're gonna go and have a very special episode.  So let's go and have a tour around and try and see...