Snap Circuits Classic SC-300 Electronics Exploration Kit

If you are looking for a gift for a person over eight years old, the Snap Circuits exploration kit makes for the perfect gift. With these colorful electronic Snap Circuits, your youngster will have unlimited fun learning to build circuits. Each one has more than 60 parts that snap together quickly. The circuit is an interactive toy that your child can use to learn about electrical items while also making their own circuits. The circuit is a fun way that children can understand electricity more.

Colored images represent the electronic names and symbols on all parts; the images will easily guide your child. This educational toy includes a comprehensive instruction booklet and project guide to assist you in guiding your child through over 300 experiments. With time your child can easily learn how to build different circuits by themselves. This Snap Circuit toy for kids is powered by four AA batteries, which are bought separately.


Snap Circuit Classic includes over 60 pieces for a total of 305 electronic projects. The circuit has capacitors, a microphone, and a slide switch. To make it easier to identify parts, they are numbered and color-coded. These components are assembled to form working circuit boards similar to those found in household items. Thanks to its simple directions, the Snap Circuit gives your child a hands-on education in how electrical circuits run the common items they’re familiar with.

They’ll also learn important skills like building and following instructions. Because the tasks are structured to increase in difficulty, children can improve their skills as they work through the manual. The courses begin with a simple electric light and switch project that explains how to turn on and off energy with a switch. Kids may make a fire fan symphony, a water-detection alert, a delayed-action fan, and more as they go. 

The good points 

1.) If your child enjoys building things, this will be the perfect gift for them. Your child can follow the directions on the circuit by themselves, or you can make it a family affair.

2.) The various projects will keep your child busy and learning while they have fun. Unlike other toys, your child will enjoy using this circuit because they can make something different all the time.

3.) Your child can create their own projects, and you can join in on the fun. If your child is inquisitive and enjoys the process of watching things come to life, this is the perfect gift for your child.

4.) All your child needs to do to enjoy this circuit is snap on the pieces. You do not need a screwdriver or help your child assemble the circuit; they can do it alone.

5.) The circuit is for everyone, and even older children will enjoy the circuit. If a teenager is having trouble at school and you want a practical way to help them understand circuits, purchasing the circuit will go a long way.

The Bad points 

1.) You need to buy your own batteries as the circuit does not come with batteries.

2.) Your child has to be interested in electronics to enjoy this circuit. A child who has no interest in electronics may take time to warm up to and even enjoy the circuit.


The circuit is a fun way to spend time with your children. It is a fun way to teach your children teamwork or autonomy. The snapping effect of the circuit will keep your child entertained, and they will want to do everything themselves. The circuit is for people of all ages who want to understand how things work. If you are looking for an engaging gift that your child will spend hours on while learning, then gift them with the circuit.

What are others saying about it?

Amazon ID: Heidi S

I bought this for my eight-year-old son for Christmas. Both his father and I were electronics technicians in the Navy and I thought it would be a fun way to share some of our experience with him. We hadn’t had a chance to play with it yet, and I was busy today in my office. My son was in his room playing and came into my office to show me how he had created a fan circuit by reading the manual. Sure enough, once we put in the batteries and closed the switch, it worked like a charm. This is a great little kit for use one on one or in group play.

Amazon ID: Sal

Bought these for my nephew’s 9th birthday. He likes to do the Lego kits but I wanted something with more “cause and effect”. These snap circuits are great! He and his 6-year-old sister have a blast following the diagram and seeing what they can create. I’m sure there’s some educational benefit but I don’t see how much you can really learn about electricity by playing with the circuits without supplemental content. It might spark an interest in learning about how electricity works though.


Got this for my 9-year-old for Christmas and he wasn’t too excited at first because it looks like a unique Lego-type (but knock off) building set. That’s before he cracked the book and read about all the crazy cool electronic gadgets you can create using these pieces. He sat down and without any assistance, dude created a working AM radio!!! That blew all our minds but really lit a spark in his creative juices. Thank you for another activity that uses the mind and a bit of creativity! Shipping was prompt and the overall buying process was painless.