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PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set

The Paxcess electronic drum comes in green or multicolor, and it has three toms, a snare, foot pedals, among others, but it is portable, and you can carry it with you wherever you go. Your child or anyone interested in drums will enjoy this drum because they can plug in earphones or connect their phone to the drum. The drum comes with three rhythms and eight demo songs that kids can play along to.

The drum set has ten hours of play, and it has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Your child will have many hours of play without the need to recharge the drums. No external speakers are required to use with this electronic drum set. It includes high-quality built-in twin speakers that produce incredible bass effects without connecting to external speakers. You can adjust the sound to your liking on up to ten different levels, and the foot pedals can provide a more authentic drumming experience for you or your child.

The headset feature enables people to play the drum at night without disturbing the next person. Not only can the Paxcess electronic drums make practice more peaceful, but they also make practice more efficient for a household with many people. The drummer can enjoy the drums without causing a stir for other people. The Paxcess drum is lightweight and will not take up a lot of space in your home. To store it, you can fold it and keep it in a bag, then unfold it whenever you need the drum set. You can lay it out on the kitchen counter or the living room table when you want to use it as a family, and it will still not take up a lot of space.


The good points

1.) The ten hours of play you will get out of these drums will keep your child occupied. You can play as a family without having to worry about the battery dying.

2.) The fast charging of the battery is efficient in cases where you would have forgotten to charge the drums but need to keep your child occupied.

3.) The noise from the drums can be controlled, which is what every home with a drummer would want. Your child can plug in the headset, or you can control the speakers of the drum.

4.) The ‘special’ button allows you to change the HI-HAT pedal to suit your dominant hand.

The bad points

1.) You need to have a charger head to connect to the USB cable that comes with the drum to charge the drum.

2.) Because of the headset, you cannot control the sound level your child plays at. Your child can be on the drum for hours on end, and you wouldn’t even know it.


The Paxcess electronic drum set is a great convenience because it comes with an earphone jack. If you are not a fan of the noise, this will come in handy, and the neighbors will not be complaining about the noise. You can carry the drum on vacations, and it will not even take up space because you can roll it up. Your children and anyone interested in drumming will appreciate the Paxcess electronic drum, and the price allows you to gift many people with the roll-up drum.

What are others saying about it?

Amazon ID: Kim

My grandson likes to make beats on the washing machine and dryer and he’s pretty good at it, so I got this for him!

Amazon ID: Frenzied Mom

Really great little drum set. It is definitely table-top size. I would venture to say it would just barely comfortably fit on a student’s desk without falling off the sides, but just barely. The settings on it are fantastic, giving all kinds of different drum sounds to play around with. My five-year-old son has been interested in drums, but I have another baby coming, and drums are LOUD. Not so with these! Because the makers thought of that and installed a volume control that goes from loud enough to hear across the house to quiet enough to play in the same room as other people without annoying them. When my son wants to play me a concert, he cranks up the volume, turns on one of the many demos, and goes wild beating the drums. A metronome is also built into the set, so as he ages and starts to show more interest in the technical aspects of music, the metronome will be an asset. As a music major and teacher, myself, I am very pleased with this set. It covers the basics without breaking the bank or my eardrums. My only complaint is that it does not plug into the wall without an adaptor. I use the end of my iPhone charger to plug in the drums, but it’s kind of a pain to switch between a charger and a drum set. Otherwise, the product itself is well worth purchasing, especially for kids showing an interest in percussion.

Amazon ID: Coastal Maine

Son is in love, I am in love because it is rechargeable (no constant replacement of batteries), takes up minimal space (literally just able to roll it up and store), and my personal favorite…headphone jack. We had drum sets in the past, the noise got annoying quickly. With this, my son can plug in his headphones and listen to what he is playing without the whole house being forced to listen to it.