Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit Supplies Stuff for Girls Making Slime [Everything in One Box] Kids Can Make Unicorn, Glitter, Fluffy Cloud, Floam Putty, Pink

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Free Guide : Educational Toys for Children Unicorn slime kit full box content list: instructions3 flake glitters4 color pigments4 scents –bubblegum, vanilla, strawberry and candyflosssnow powder for cloud slimeclear gluemixing toolsmixing potslarge clay packs, it’s super easy to make butter slime slime containers, 4 large and 4 smallslime activatorpearlsbeads 4 packs of foam ballsjellyslime cubes

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Free Guide : Educational Toys for Children

Unicorn slime kit

full box content list:
3 flake glitters
4 color pigments
4 scents –bubblegum, vanilla, strawberry and candyfloss
snow powder for cloud slime
clear glue
mixing tools
mixing pots
large clay packs, it’s super easy to make butter slime
slime containers, 4 large and 4 small
slime activator
4 packs of foam balls
jellyslime cubes

here are some recipes you can make. More details in the instructions

jellycube slime (jellies + pigment + clear basic slime)
fluffy clay slime (clay + water + pigment)
cloud slime (fake snow + basic slime)
floam slime (foam balls + clear slime)
fishbowl glitter magic (Fishbowl beads + Pearl beads + clear basic slime + glitter)
candyfloss cloud (candyfloss scent + Pink pigment + snow powder + clear basic slime)

wow. The most awesome slime kit on amazon

jam packed DIY slime kit. A great science set with containers and more. More pieces than the Nickelodeon slime kit. >

our set is kid tried and tested, we’ve made sure it’s fun, simple and everything is in one box.

there are safety instructions and the product should always be used under adult supervision as some of the ingredients could cause harm if inhaled or come in contact with eyes.

don’t stop at the instructions.

Product Features

  • Prepare to make your kids really happy – it’s unicorn color Madness. It’s everything your little girl ever wants in a slime kit. Get ready for big slimes and excitement, This kit makes great slime all in Dreamy unicorn colors.
  • Everything you need in one box – nothing left out, no more running around hardware stores trying to find the right glue. Make loads of slime with different glitters, colors and hundreds of combinations in one box. We’ve tested it ourselves and are confident this is the biggest and best set on Amazon.
  • No more slime fails – easy to make slime, online videos and clear written instructions, even tips and tricks for getting your slime back on track if it’s not looking right. We took out all the stops because we know there nothing worse than a disappointed child. Look no further, The perfect slime kit is here.
  • Make Slime just like the YouTubers – quality ingredients to make endless types of slime. Glue, containers, dasio style clay, snow powder, foam beads, pigments, flake glitter, borax, scents (strawberry, candyfloss, bubblegum and vanilla), cutting and mixing tools and More. Makes fluffy slime, Cloud slime, rainbow slime, glitter slimes, color slimes.
  • Easily entertain the kids – we all know it can be a pain to entertain the kids and making slime is a perfect activity for that. Let us keep up to date with the trends and coolest slimes right now. We know any girl will love this kit.


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