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Kidzlane Dance Mat

A lack of or not enough physical activity is considered one of the causes of childhood obesity. It is common knowledge that people of all ages tend to gain weight when they are less active. That is especially the case when kids sit around in class for hours and get home to spend even more time in front of their TV screens or playing games on their other electrical gadgets. It does not take a genius to understand how unhealthy such a cycle can be. Not to mention how kids also love snacking on candy and other junk food while at it!

It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your kids enjoy their childhood and still remain healthy by encouraging physical activity. Others may find taking a walk boring, while some may not have someone to accompany them and keep them safe in areas where there are kidnappings and other safety concerns. Also, some seasons do not allow for a walk or jog, making engaging in physical activity almost impossible for everyone. To give you a solution to all these, Kidzlane’s dance mat can help children preoccupy themselves in a healthy, amusing, and mentally challenging way to ensure they stay physically fit. It offers them a chance to ‘workout’ in the comfort of their homes without worrying about the rains, cold weather, and sunburn.

With the light-up dance mat, your child has to step, hop and jump onto the blinking arrows, following the beat of its built-in music. You can also connect your own favorite track via AUX or BLUETOOTH and be prepared to fall in love with this addictive new dance game. The good thing about connecting your favorite music is that it personalizes the mat to make the dancing even more enjoyable. Your kids will be dancing and listening to their own music!

The well-padded dance surface and large light-up arrows make this the perfect physical activity for all ages, from toddler to teenage. But, the manufacturer recommends six years and older. The mat features fun Arcade Games, including three different games with five difficulty levels. Get your kids working out entertainingly! They can dance to the cues of the blinking arrows, test their brain to a “Simon Says” memory game, or make up their own rules in Free Dance Mode! Apart from exercising, this mat also improves eye-foot coordination, which is the ability to use one’s eyes and feet together to accomplish tasks. It helps to develop body control, strength, and balance. Your child will also have fun thinking on their feet! The soft dance surface is easy on feet and soles.

The product has adaptable settings. One can turn the music down to a ‘whisper’ or up to a full blast. Thanks to an ADJUSTABLE VOLUME DIAL! The light-up dance mat also features a simple selection design and brightly colored buttons. That makes it very easy to control, even for young kids. It is made with high-quality materials designed to last through many ‘out of this world’ dance tournaments! The mat is easy to store. All you need to do is fold between the arrow pads. The light-up dance mat requires four AA batteries (not included). You will most likely fall in love with this exciting action toy! However, you are guaranteed to get your money back from Kidzlane should you not be satisfied with the product.

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The good points

  1. The mat allows your child to connect their favorite track via AUX or BLUETOOTH. Thus, they can have fun and exercise while listening to the songs they love. This feature can be motivating and make your child fall in love with the dance mat where built-in music would have demoralized them based on preference.
  2. Kids get to shake up in a defined space instead of running around the house when not interested or able to play outside. It also provides a safe space for physical activity.
  3. The product has volume controls. Your child can set the volume to a comfortable level that suits everyone’s needs.
  4. The material used to make the dance mat is strong enough to make the product survive your child’s dance superpowers.
  5. The light-up dance mat features three interactive games with five difficulty levels to keep the fun going on for as long as your child likes.

The bad side

  1. The voice notification when one makes a mistake can be an inconvenience.
  2. It does not come with batteries.

Should you buy it?

If your child loves to dance or is trying different things for fun, this dance mat will be a great gift for them. It will keep them entertained and fit. Ensure that you understand the product before you purchase.

What others are saying about it;

Amazon ID: Girl M

Got this dance mat for Christmas and my kids love it. They get it out almost every day. My 4-year-old has mastered the highest level, though when she first tried it was tricky for her- but she didn’t give up and now has better coordination on it than my 10-year-old. The kids like that it has different modes of play. My 2-year-old does the flash dance where the lights follow her steps and she loves it. The mat is some type of plastic that is flimsier than I would like. Ours has ripped twice (don’t wear shoes on it!) but I just stuck a piece of clear packing tape over the rips and it has been fine. We use Bluetooth to put on the kids’ favorite songs and they love that. I play a lot of songs off YouTube and for unknown reasons, some songs play louder than others. Overall the volume is fine for us. The control dials could be higher quality- they do feel like they could easily break, but so far they have held up. This mat has provided hours of entertainment- we are totally happy with it. I’m banking on it eventually breaking as most toys do, but I’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

Amazon ID: Clarissa

My 8-year-old got this for Christmas, and I think I love it even more than she does! Worth every penny and easily folds back up to store in a box! Wish it wouldn’t yell out too many mistakes to start over, because it’s discouraging for a little kid. But that’s my only negative. The Simon-style memory game on it is awesome! You can also make your own dance steps with it.

Amazon ID: Wells M. Blanchard

Great fun! Easy to set up and use, has audible instructions and you just touch the options on the mat to pick the game, level and to start. I’m the dad and I even got a good workout on level 1!