Ways to Encourage Optimism in Your Child

Ways to Encourage Optimism in Your Child

Many studies show that people who have an optimistic view of the world feel more successful and, due to that, feel much happier, and due to that, they’re also more likely to be healthier. So you can teach your child to be more optimistic by setting an example for them and guiding them toward recognizing the positive side of any situation by asking the right questions.

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  •         Look On the Bright Side Yourself – If you want your child to be more optimistic, you’ll need to demonstrate that by looking on the bright side of life yourself. Unfortunately, kids like to copy their parents’ behavior, so if you start this very early in life, they’ll mimic you not just when they’re near you but when they’re not around you at all.
  •         Focus On Rewarding Effort, Not Results – Teaching your kids that the journey is more important than the destination is an important exercise in helping them learn to enjoy what they do more than just the result. For example, playing a ball game is fun whether you win or not. Likewise, doing hard work on a school paper is worth it even if you don’t get an A. 
  •         Help Them See That Failing Is a Necessary Part of Life – The truth is, failure is not a bad thing. But, sadly, society wants to focus only on winning and not on the process involved. After all, the person who came in second place is not a loser. On the contrary, they also did something extraordinary and worked hard too.
  •         Give Them Experiences of Success – Providing your children experiences over things is a great way to give them the feeling of success. When you experience success, it becomes easier to do it the next time and to bring those feelings to the front when needed.
  •         Teach Them Goal Setting – If you feel more in control of your destiny, being optimistic is a lot easier. When you teach your children how to set goals the right way and then follow a plan to reach their objectives, they’ll feel much more powerful in their own lives.

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  •         Help Them Focus on Gratitude – Sometimes bad things happen, and it’s hard to focus on the good stuff. Unfortunately, that’s a normal part of life. It’s not that having a sad moment or a negative day will never happen, but if you can learn to focus on what you’re thankful for, it’ll be a lot easier to be optimistic.
  •         Ask The Right Questions – When you are helping your child work through any situation, help them see the situation through a new perspective by asking them questions that will help them see the lessons they can learn so that it’s not the tragedy they think.

Remember, the best way to demonstrate optimism is to make sure you explain your decision-making process to your children aloud, so they see the process with their own eyes and ears as you make choices.