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Amscope Pcs Kids Beginner Microscope

Amscope Pcs Kids Beginner Microscope


Taking care of your child while keeping them happy can be a real challenge as they tend to lose interest in a whole lot of things quite fast. You can even get to a point where you run out of games and they have gone through a phase of being interested in every hobby available and they lose interest. With the right set of toys, you can keep your kids happy, interested, and occupied. The AmScope Kids Beginner Microscope is the exact product you are looking for to achieve all this. This ultimate microscope for kids comes with 49 accessories to help them discover the world of microorganisms while creating their mini-experiments.

The AmScope is way more than just a regular play tool for your kids, as a kid’s beginner microscope it does more than just give them something to do to pass time. It sparks kids’ interest in the world of science and organisms, acting more as a learning tool as well as helping them explore. This science microscopy kit includes a great beginner-level biological microscope equipped with advanced features and all the necessary accessories for any scientific microscope, the only difference with an actual microscope is that these have been made kid-friendly. The starter kit is ready to use right out of the box, has no setup drama and  is very easy to use as it was made specifically for kids.

The microscope features six different magnifications of 120X, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X and 1200X. These make it more interesting to use since one can change the magnification to suit the specimens they are observing. For the perfect illumination when observing the different specimens there is an option of using the built-in LED light which works for direct illumination as well as direct control of light. It also features a reflecting mirror that is for natural illumination. All these features and great optics ensure that your kids get precise answers and solutions to all specimen-related endeavors that their curious minds come up with.

It features a single coaxial coarse focus knob used to bring the specimen to approximate or near focus for better observations by elevating or lowering the specimen stage to put the specimen into a clearer view for the observer. The featured specimen stage has two built-in stage clips to hold the slides in place when in observation as well as to move the slide manually to be able to view different sections of the specimen. It also comprises a built-in rotating color filter wheel to correct and attenuate the light intensity to make the imaging clearer. The eyepiece is a holder-type single.

The metal construction of the microscope makes it more durable. The accessories set includes slides, coverslips, tweezers, a scalpel, specimen vials, collecting vials, and a lot more, all of these are made in plastic for them to be of no harm to the kids. 5 of the slides have already been prepared for you and are ready for viewing. It also comes with a complete brine shrimp experiment which your kids will find very interesting as they observe the life cycle of tiny ocean creatures and also gain hands-on experience in the scientific process and visual analysis. 

The microscope kit is neatly packaged in a sturdy hard case for easy storage and travel. All the 49 accessories fit perfectly into it, making it easier to keep the smaller pieces secure. The kit is very portable and light to carry for the kids to go about safely conducting their experiments and activities on their own without too much supervision.

The good points

  1. A great starter kit for young scientists
  2. Includes all the needed accessories for a microscope with all of them made in plastic to make them kid-friendly
  3. It is ready for use from the box no need for set-up hassles
  4. Includes a full shrimp brine experiment
  5. It comes with a case for easy storage of all included pieces
  6. It is portable and easy to carry for the kids

The bad points

  1. It does not come with batteries
  2. The eyepiece lens does not have top quality clarity like an actual microscope would have

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a perfect gift for your young budding scientist providing endless hours of fun and adventure, the AmScope Kids Beginners Microscope STEM Kit is exactly what you are looking for.  Give your child the opportunity to explore, have fun, and also learn all at the same time as they conduct their mini-experiments with no worries concerning safety since all the accessories are kid-friendly. The AmScope with all its features can be a good investment for your kid. 

What are other buyers saying about it?

Amazon ID: Nina E.

My kids LOVE this microscope! It’s easy to use and the slides it comes with are really cool! I know some reviews are harsh but we are completely satisfied. Also, the light does switch off, it rotates on and off. Flip it down to off and flip-up towards the slides to turn the light back on. We haven’t done the brine shrimp yet but we have our own specimen to make the slides. For example, we found a sliver of tomato AHS and even the wing of a dead bee. We love this! I highly recommend this as a gift or just to use in your at-home distance learning curriculum and for fun! Great STEM resource!

Amazon ID: Jenniferd

We sent this to our 8 year old. old grandson in Melbourne to help occupy him while being home during Covid. He loves it and has found so many items to look at through the eyes of magnification. My son and wife appreciated it too.

Amazon ID: Roslyn M. Santay

I gave this to my 9-year-old grandson for his birthday. The look on his face when he opened it said how much he liked it. We spent a lot of time looking at the prepared slides and he and his father were going to make more of their own thanks to the directions that explained how. As a retired teacher, I love the fact that I can give something educational as a present and still see all the joy that it brings. We were all impressed with the microscope and how easy it was to use.